Workshop Presenter Spotlight: Giving a Voice: Using Photography as a Platform

Katie is an adoptee from Louisville, Kentucky and loves to tell stories, both verbally and through pictures.  After taking pictures of some friends in college, she quickly realized how fun it was to capture someone’s life experience in one picture.  So Yung Photography was quickly founded, soon after.  While working full-time during the day and completing her Masters in TESOL at night, she spent many weekends shooting anything from portraits, special events, to weddings.  Currently, she is a high school English teacher in Ilsan and is in the beginning process of starting a new project.

“Photographers of all levels are welcome to not only sit in on the discussion, but share and listen to ideas, vision, and projects.  Don’t be intimidated!  This will be great for those who are professionals and those who enjoy taking every-day pictures with a phone.”

She hopes participants are able to voice why they are drawn to photography and how it plays a part in their life.

“I hope participants can network, gain new friends, and hopefully collaborate in the near future.”

Katie is the founder of So Yung Photography


About Adoptee Solidarity Korea

ASK's mission is to effect change in Korean adoption policy and practice. Through education, research, and advocacy we aim to strengthen our community and create a space for critical dialogue.

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