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Mette “Ms. Chevious” NørnbergPedersen is a project coordinator at the Haja Creative Hub by day, and a round-the-clock member of Adoptee Solidarity Korea‘s steering committee. A Danish adoptee with a passion for activism, Mette envisioned a fundraiser unlike any other ASK has done in the past. She has been striving to draw a diverse crowd to the fundraiser and hopes that in return for their donation, participants will walk away with a valuable experience.

“I hope the participants will get new inspiration that they draw on in the future. Hopefully, they can become inspired to share their own passions, hobbies and professional skills in the future and make new connections.”

Contact Mette if you are interested in supporting ASK by facilitating a workshop! mette_np [at] hotmail [dot] com



Kim-burly Hyo-Jung Campbell doubles as a Yonhap News Agency copy editor and member of Adoptee Solidarity Korea‘s steering committee. An American adoptee with a background in political science, Campbell is a newcomer to the skills-sharing fundraiser platform, and brings enthusiasm, excitement and occasional perplexity to the planning team. She hopes to raise the profile of  the fundraiser to encourage all who are interested to participate.

“I think this workshop fundraiser has the potential to connect ASK allies and other inspiring people in Seoul. We’re also really hoping to showcase the talents of returning adoptees, since a majority work in English-related jobs, but have tremendous training and interests in other fields.”

Contact Campbell if you have any inspiring ideas related to the workshop! kimcampbell03 [at] gmail [dot] com


ASK is organizing a skillsharing event on August 25th from 14:00-18:00 in Yeongdongpo, Seoul in collaboration with Haja Center.

We are looking for creative, knowledgeable, interesting, radical, sweet, talkative, fun, geeky, talented, special, generous, authentic or crazy adoptees who would like to share their passion/profession/hobby with other people.

The event is open for anybody who would like to learn. It’s the perfect place to get inspired, share stories and meet the adoptee community living in Seoul.
ASK want to create an opportunity for adoptees to show the potential within the community and network.
One encounter with a stranger might bring new opportunities!

All the workshops/talks will be provided by adoptees to showcase the knowledge and experiences our global community have from various fields.
The contribution will not be paid – Everything is volunteer based to support and fundraise money for ASK.

Email for more information