-About ASK

Adoptee Solidarity Korea (ASK) was founded in 2004 by a group of like-minded adult adoptees living in Seoul to raise awareness about and effect change in Korea’s intercountry adoption system and related policy. Through education, research, and advocacy we aim to strengthen our community and create a space for critical dialogue.

ASK is currently part of a coalition of adoptees and related stakeholders that are now overseeing the implementation of a landmark piece of legislation to reform Korea’s adoption law in July 2011. Despite being a top-15 world economy and having one of the lowest birthrates in the world, Korea still sent nearly 1,000 children abroad for adoption last year.

The revisions to the adoption law aim to ensure that family preservation is prioritized over adoption and that future adoptions, whether domestic or international, are conducted in a transparent manner that protects the rights of birth families and in particular unwed single mothers. The revised law also strengthens adoptees’ rights to information about their birth family.

In addition to its advocacy work, ASK also organizes a series of forums addressing mental health and wellness for adoptees who have returned to Korea. The forums, sponsored in part by GOA’L, provide an affirming space for adoptees to heal and develop skills in community with one another.

ASK is an entirely volunteer-run organization that is dependent upon individual contributions for current and future operations.


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