Workshop Presenter Spotlight: Exploring Opportunities in Korea

Alyssa Perry is an adoptee from California. She came to Korea two years ago to teach English and to explore her Korean heritage. Prior to living in Korea, Alyssa worked as a media planner at global ad agency Grey, and freelanced for various publications such as the Santa Barbara Independent, Amplifier Music Magazine and FecalFace, covering topics including art and music.  Now in Korea, she is writing for a few publications including 10 Mag and Eloquence Magazine, focusing on international creative subjects.

“All are invited to this talk on shared insight on living in Korea and how to explore opportunities outside of teaching. I will talk about my experience writing for local and overseas publications while living here. I also plan to share my experiences living here as an adoptee and the adversity I have faced, but also the opportunities living here has brought.”

She hopes the workshop will broaden understanding of how to network and use resources in Korea to pursue individual hobbies and interests, and to give them a perspective as an adoptee living in Korea.

“I hope participants will have a good idea of how to get involved in activities and pursue creative and artistic ventures.”

Alyssa is currently freelancing for Eloquence Magazine and compiling her writings at Alyssa Perry’s Journal


About Adoptee Solidarity Korea

ASK's mission is to effect change in Korean adoption policy and practice. Through education, research, and advocacy we aim to strengthen our community and create a space for critical dialogue.

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