Workshop Presenter Spotlight: B-boy/B-girl Dancing for Beginners

Veronique Mee Hee W. was born in Korea, and grew up in Luxembourg. In the early 2000s, she participated in a number of showcases and battles with her former crews including “Crazy Style” & “Beat The Rhythm.” She was named “Best B-Girl of the Year 2005” in Luxembourg and began to organize more b-boy events and workshops. Affiliated with Bboyworld and Challenge, she began to log the Streetdancers by camera. She is currently holding it down with Streetleaders, a non-profit organization to support local young dancers by teaching, offering workshops, jams etc.

“B-boys, b-girls and beginners are welcome to come work on their toprock by feeling the music. We will all try out footwork and freezes, step by step, and transitions in between.”

She hopes this workshop will be a taster course, and that people will share their passion for dance with others.

“I hope people enjoy the dance and try something new!”

Mee Hee is currently holding it down with Streetleaders


About Adoptee Solidarity Korea

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