Workshop Presenter Spotlight: Hooking Up and Taking Down the Patriarchy

Laura (Seung Mi) Klunder is a social justice activist who is fighting for a peaceful world sustained by love and liberated desires. Laura grew up in the United States and returned to Korea in August 2011.  She received her Master of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has presented across the United States on topics of systemic violence, social group identities, and leadership development. Laura is also a member of Adoptee Solidarity Korea’s steering committee.

“All bodies, identities, and experiences are invited to this community conversation about sex, consent, and pleasure. This is intended to be an inclusive space for dialogue about sex positivity, safe sex, and resisting sexual violence in our community. Be prepared for dirty words, intimacy, and radical questions that stimulate.”

She hopes that through the workshop, participants will feel empowered to create and engage with sex positive experiences in their own lives.

“I hope this workshop is part of a broader movement in Korea for healthy and inclusive spaces for sexual expression and experiences.”

Laura is blogging about her process at Coloring Out Lori Jane.


About Adoptee Solidarity Korea

ASK's mission is to effect change in Korean adoption policy and practice. Through education, research, and advocacy we aim to strengthen our community and create a space for critical dialogue.

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