Mette “Ms. Chevious” NørnbergPedersen is a project coordinator at the Haja Creative Hub by day, and a round-the-clock member of Adoptee Solidarity Korea‘s steering committee. A Danish adoptee with a passion for activism, Mette envisioned a fundraiser unlike any other ASK has done in the past. She has been striving to draw a diverse crowd to the fundraiser and hopes that in return for their donation, participants will walk away with a valuable experience.

“I hope the participants will get new inspiration that they draw on in the future. Hopefully, they can become inspired to share their own passions, hobbies and professional skills in the future and make new connections.”

Contact Mette if you are interested in supporting ASK by facilitating a workshop! mette_np [at] hotmail [dot] com


About Adoptee Solidarity Korea

ASK's mission is to effect change in Korean adoption policy and practice. Through education, research, and advocacy we aim to strengthen our community and create a space for critical dialogue.

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